why therapy?


Research indicates that people who participate in therapy overwhelmingly benefit from it, especially when there is a good “fit” between the therapist and the client. It is not often in life that one has the opportunity to take the time to focus on what is most important to them while gaining additional tools for accomplishing goals or dealing with difficulties. Therapy provides this opportunity.

For those unfamiliar with it, therapy can seem mysterious and intimidating. However, I hope that during our sessions, I can help to demystify the experience by clearly explaining what we are doing, articulating my intention at any given moment, and answering any questions that may come to your mind. I see my role as one of a guide, collaborator, teacher, and supporter. I work hard to help clients feel comfortable as I introduce techniques, ideas, and strategies that I hope will interrupt unhelpful behavior patterns and empower them to make the changes they desire. My hope is that clients feel that our working relationship is one that permits them to honestly examine and discuss their thoughts during a particular session.
At the end of each session, clients have “tools” to take home with them and practice on their own time. Ultimately, each client will learn how to be his or her own “expert therapist.” I often say that you cannot take your therapist home with you but you can take home tangible resources and adapt them to your real life.
The therapy experience can be an impactful one, often leading to profound and sustained changes. However, I respect that trying therapy can be a daunting prospect and I am available to answer any questions you may have.
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Frei, Ph.D.

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