skype sessions

Telemental health is widely recognized in the United States as a good way for people who live far away from clinics and psychotherapists to access empirically supported mental healthcare and support. Click here if you’d like more information about research support.
Wherever you are in the world (whether in Switzerland but too far from Biel/Bienne or in another country), if you would like to meet with me via Skype, please feel free to get in touch. As with in-person therapy, the first meeting will be dedicated to conducting an assessment and gathering information about your history and the presenting complaint. From there, we can decided how/if to proceed with treatment.
administrative details:
Please be advised that with Skype sessions (like with any other aspect of internet use), I cannot assure confidentiality in the same way I could if we were meeting in my office. Nonetheless, all precautions will be made to ensure a secure connection.
The availability of sessions may be limited by timezone differences. Sessions can be scheduled from 8 am – 7 pm central european time (CET).
All necessary forms will be provided via email and I ask that they be completed and signed (electronically or by hand and scanned), and emailed back to me prior to our first meeting.
Skype sessions cost 140 chf for each 50-minute session. Payment is accepted through the Caisse des Medecins, electronic transfers from the bank or via PayPal. Pre-payment for sessions is requested.

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