what is your approach to therapy?
I base my approach on principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps people to differentiate and understand their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in order to best deal with their current circumstances. In addition, I draw from a number of other approaches depending on what I think might work best. We will work collaboratively to develop a plan for meeting goals.
what kinds of issues do you see in your practice?
In therapy sessions, I work to help clients deal with a variety of ongoing or acute difficulties. This may include diagnosable mental health disorders like anxiety disorders or mood disorders. In addition, I help clients to resolve more transient and/or short-term issues such as difficulty adjusting to a new cultural environment, developing a weight management plan, or negotiating a relationship crisis.
I start all treatment with a thorough exploration of your primary concern. At the end of the first scheduled session, I will make recommendations about how to proceed with treatment. Sometimes, I will recommend that you see another professional, like a medical doctor or psychiatrist. I will be very open with you regarding the conclusions I reach as I believe that our working relationship is enhanced by trust and transparency.
how many times will I need to come to therapy?
The length of treatment varies depending on the context surrounding the presenting complaint. However, it is not my wish to keep you in treatment for many years. It is my job to help you devise a plan for taking your treatment into your own hands, out of my office and into your real life.
what language are sessions conducted in?
Sessions are conducted in English. On the rare occasion, I will accept clients who wish to communicate with the aid of a translator.
how will my privacy be protected?
I abide by a strict confidentiality policy wherein everything we discuss is completely confidential expect for a few important exceptions. We can discuss these limitations to confidentiality in greater detail during the first session. They are:
  • If you tell me that you plan to harm yourself or someone else
  • If you tell me about the abuse or maltreatment of a child, elderly, or disabled person
  • If I receive a court order to provide information about your treatment
how long is each session? how much does a session cost?
Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Each session costs 140 CHF. A reduced fee can be offered to those with financial need.
If you need to cancel your session, 48 hours advance notice is required. Otherwise, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 140 CHF because it is unlikely that this session can be used by another client within this timeframe.
will sessions be reimbursed by my health insurance?
Depending on your insurance provider and plan, your treatment may be reimbursed. I also work as a delegated psychologist with psychiatrist, Dr. Francois Trumpler Moll (for kids) or Dr. Eva Mokros (for adults), which is processed by the Caisse des Medecins (Arztekasse).
I offer the necessary documentation for you to provide to your insurer. You can find more information about your coverage here.

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